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graduation t minus 2 days or something like that [15 Dec 2005|04:47pm]
[ mood | silly ]

for those of you that knew about my situation...
yes, i did pass weather and climate...with a CD actually...yay me.
i'm finally done struggling with math and science classes FOREVER!
that makes loryn a college grad on saturday...of course along with my dear friend Chris.

yay! go us! time to partaaaayyyy!

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hump day [20 Oct 2005|12:31am]
[ mood | confused ]

wow...haven't wrote in awhile, but that is common with me in livejournal. i decided to check it out again since amber, cass, and steph post on here. life is pretty weird/annoying right now. i have to finish up my weather and climate lab test tomorrow morning. i have to pass this class to graduate. it's scaring me because i have a really hard time with science. my advanced piece is due on monday. it's been hard for me to plan how it's layed out. i'm not as creative as other people in the class. as graduation creeps up on me, i really am getting scared about it. it doesn't even seem real. to tell you the truth, i really don't have the desire to look for a job. i know that's ridiculous, but that's how i feel at the moment.

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hello [01 Jan 2005|12:39pm]
[ mood | busy ]

happy new year....
i miss ben!
have a good day everyone....my gina is coming to visit me!
i have to go massively clean the apt....

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so sad.... [09 Dec 2004|12:48pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

r.i.p. dimebag and everyone else who was shamefully murdered last night.....
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yucky [02 Dec 2004|11:08pm]
[ mood | uh yah ]

i'm so fricken bored right now....thinkin about watching the kevin james don't sweat the small stuff dvd. that is so hilarious. i'm listening to imperium by machinehead, that is a damn good song. i'm buzzin pretty good right now. i haven't drank in awhile. i'm still trying to battle off the memories of the worst hangover i EVER had that happened about a month ago. ben, chris, and i went to see gravity lost at a local bar after megahurtz. i seriously bought almost 30 bucks in shots for kevin, luke, chris, and i. jager may i add...too much on the stomach after awhile. i think we had about 7-10 shots in a row. what was i thinking?! ben sprained his ankle that night. it was such a great evening and such a horrible one at the same time. i was really sick that next day. but on a lighter note, chris, ben, and i went out to lunch at niko's this afternoon. good stuff. chris and i edited the first part of our shadows fall interview down today. we will probably just play the first part on the show tomorrow. i'm supposed to announce the battle of the bands on the show. it's gonna be on sat. in appleton. i'm goin straight there after work. should be good times. i need a little break before finals. i also found out today that we might secure an interview with hatebreed when they come to the rave in jan. that would be cool shit. i need this semester to be over. i need a break.

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none yo [10 Nov 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

i am putting off studying for my interpersonal communication test that is tomorrow. ben and i are going to check out a potential apt. for next year...it would be with my old roommate becky and like 3 other girls. i doubt we're even going to live there, but i thought i would give it a look. i've been so anxious lately for the shadow's fall interview that's next saturday...i can't wait. i hope it works out ok. gravity lost (formerly myopic son) is doing a gig on fri. night at the lounge (a bar) after my radio shift. can't wait to see those guys again....i've been talking to kevin (the singer) online lately. he is seriously one of the nicest guys i know. but anyways i gotta go move my lovely car and get to studying.

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canoeing loryn... [13 Aug 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | sore ]

i went canoeing on tuesday for my summer work party. my body is totally messed up to say the least... we took a bus to the crystal river in waupaca which is about 45 min. away from oshkosh. it was freezing cold that day, like it has been lately. the trip was about 3 hours and the river was 11 miles long. we had these skimpy ass canoes that kept sinking under the water. at one point allie (my canoe partner) and i had our canoe completely submerged under some rapids. the rapids were so strong, we couldn't even stabalize ourselves to try and lift it up. i ended up falling down into the rapids and cutting and bruising myself up on the rocks. allie and i were just about to give up and leave the canoe there and go up to the road and find our way back somehow...then, kevin and kevin rowed up a few minutes later to save the day. earlier, one of the kevins had fallen out of the canoe when the river path went through a murky lake. that set them behind us, so we were lucky to have their help. they rescued our canoe and eventually all four of us made it to the end of the trail safely. i'm happy i actually made it through the whole river. the whole day wasn't all that crappy...i did have fun hanging out with all my co-workers. although, i'd have to think twice before i would ever canoe down the crystal river again!

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i have time for a quickie haha [08 Mar 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | devious ]

ok i just have to say this...jovach....you should really try and watch ghost world again sometime with kellyn...you remember when we attempted that a couple years ago?? you know the movie with scarlett johansson and thora birch? well, ben and i watched it on the campus movie channel tonite and it actually was pretty good and funny at times. so....go give it a chance! :-)

btw, i also have to brag to everyone because on wed. it's our 2 year anniversary... yay!

also- myopic son is coming back to osh. on thurs. woo woo...and gina's coming too!

and totally unrelated to anything: THERE'S SHIT EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! haha sorry couldn't resist after i saw kellyn's entry.

time to clean up the room a bit...spring break comes on friday! bye all.

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hey [17 Jan 2004|03:04pm]
[ mood | calm ]

hey jovach...do you read or post in here anymore??

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Superjoint Pix [28 Oct 2003|01:09pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

The Superjoint Pix are up now...you can view them here: http://therave.com/gallery-1404.asp

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SUPERJOINT RITUAL!!!!! [26 Oct 2003|01:07pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So, last nite Ben and I finally got to see Superjoint Ritual! It was one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life, and I'm not just saying that. :-) After waiting in the bar for about an hour, and watching Devil Driver do sound check through windows, we got to go in by the stage. We decided to sit on the side in chairs away from the crowd. The show was supposed to start at 8, but it didn't start until like quarter to 9! The wait wasn't too horrible cuz massive dreadlock Kevin and Hank III kept walking past us...it was pretty cool. Ben and I have some massive respect for Hank III. These are the reasons lol: 1.) His grandpa is Hank Williams, one of the greatest country singers who has ever lived. Ben loves all that old country stuff. 2.) His dad is Hank Williams II, and he sings the Monday Night Football theme song. haha 3.) Hank III himself is really awesome because he's in one of the most hardcore metal bands that exists today, does his own punk music, and does his own country music. It's weird because when he sings country, he sounds exactly like the original Hank Williams. But anyways, while we were waiting, the last time Hank III walked by us Ben shook his hand...he seemed to be a really nice guy. Finally at 8:45, Devil Driver came on stage. The lead singer is the former Coal Chamber frontman. They were cool, but wasn't too impressed with them because all their songs sounded the same. Sepultura was supposed to be there, but for some reason they weren't. So, Devil Driver played from 8:45-9:15, then Superjoint went on at 10:00. Phil looked amazing, (hot as usual)...his face was shaved. ;-) It's so funny how he can just take over his crowds. Between almost every song, the crowd would chant "superjoint, superjoint!" If Phil wanted everyone to be quiet he would just wave his arms and the place would fall silent. Ben and I could see perfectly from the corner since we stood on our chairs. It was great. So, much shit got thrown up on the stage...a couple of shoes, clothes, cups, and even a "superjoint" that Phil set aside to smoke later hahahaha. It was so weird too, cuz this psycho guy made it up on stage and started freakin out, and they got him off. But then about 5 minutes later, he somehow made his way back up onstage. Security shoved him off really hard this time. They never once let us down...they rocked hard the whole night, even doing a couple of encores. Phil ended with his famous "Spread the fuckin word!" :) At the end, I still wasn't ready to leave, but we had to make our way back to Oshkosh. :-( I saw Phil with Down at Ozzfest '02, but it didn't compare to last nite.

Now I can't wait for November 10th, when Ben, Gina, and I are goin to The White Stripes. It WILL be good times once again. :-D

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boo [29 Sep 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Damon Albarn of Blur!
Damon Albarn

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80's [29 Sep 2003|09:28pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

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[16 Sep 2003|12:05pm]
[ mood | tired ]

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haha [15 Sep 2003|09:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?
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happy 1st day of school ;-) [03 Sep 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

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haha [31 Aug 2003|12:16am]
[ mood | awake ]

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uhhh [29 Aug 2003|12:37am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

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haha [24 Aug 2003|11:08am]
[ mood | blah ]

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This Is Not Me... [23 Aug 2003|01:24pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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